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Our services & prices for dogs

Contracts, services and walks

We pick up your dog once a day for a group walk in the forest. Several timetables available: 9:00am, 11:30am, 01:30pm, 03:30pm. A second dog from the same home gets a 25% discount.

All group walks are on work-days from Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday walks are available upon request.

1 to 2 days a week

In a 1 to 2 days a week contract your dog gets his individual spot in a group walk.

28,62 € / walk

Luxembourg City Residents

31,38 € / walk

Outside of the city Residents

3 to 4 days a week

In a 3 to 4 days a week contract we make sure to always keep your dogs spot reserved for a group-walk.

23,84 € / walk

Luxembourg City Residents

29,14 € / walk

Outside of the city Residents

5 days a week

In a 5 days a week contract we make sure to always keep your dogs spot reserved for a group-walk.

22,93 € / walk

Luxembourg City Residents

24,65 € / walk

Outside of the city Residents

Short-time request

33,63 €

Short time contracts are available upon request. Walks can be organized under the condition that an available spot is free and that your dog gets along comfortably with the existing group. This is to assure safety and comfort for your dog as well as for the entire group.


62,78 € / day

Dog-boarding is exclusive to customers that have a contract with the company. As all our dogs live free together in our private homes and enjoy all the treatments as if they were our own, all dogs must been pre-approved. (social and toilet trained). We aim for comfort of our animals and limit the space to 3 dogs a day.


Starting: 77,13 € / hour (min. 1 Hour)

Even the prettiest dog needs to see his hairdresser once in a while. Luckily he’s in Belair. Our lovely team works with heart and care for the look but also the wellbeing of your pet. Visit us and get comfortable in our lounge where you can follow the work that’s being done around your best friend.


53,80 – 62,78 € / day

Once more Dogwalker innovates. Now you can leave your dog all day at our daycare service. Like a Creche, your dog will have a full day of social activities, many exiting walks and calming rest moments for a full development.


  • makes sure that your dog travels the least possible time in the car
  • All of dog-walker gets trained with professionals and veterinarians
  • Walks are a minimum of 45 minutes and can go up to 90 minutes
  • Groups are kept to a minimum number of dogs to assure their safety
  • A first visit with your dog-walker will assure to set your dog in the best fitting group
  • Transportation is assured in secure individual boxes from

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