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LUCIANO the boss

Luciano is the owner and founder of Dogwalker.lu. He carries with him over a decade of experiences with dogs. Along with his Dog Chica, he created the first Dog-walking service in Luxembourg. His devotion to dogs didn’t stop there as he continued his knowledge for our canine friends through several seminars with the best Dog-trainers in Germany including Pia grönig and Manuela Zaitz.

Chica has unfortunately left his side for doggy-heaven but she will live on in the memory of Dogwalker.lu and the numerous movies She and Luciano got to work on as the most connected dog human team Luxembourg has seen so far.

ALEXANDRA Team And House Manager

ALEXANDRA team and house manager

Meet Alexandra, our horse expert 🙂 you might think that’s far fetched from our doggie friends but that’s not true. Since 2010 Alexandra has been active in the horse rider, horse groomer and this on competition levels. Needles to say that she’s very much in touch with our animal friends. With her Border collie mix Looney she brings a nice fresh wind in our walks.



Meet our kind Anaïs, it's great to follow her and her dogs on a walk. The group is harmonious and peaceful, the dogs never roam too far away, it must be her gentle way, or maybe it's because Anaïs already comes from a house full of furry friends. With horses, dogs, cats and other farm animals it is clear that she has the dog-walking job in her blood. 🙂

IRIS The Dogtrainer

IRIS the dogtrainer

Iris is a certified dog trainer who's working with us. Her aim is to help in daily communication with our clients dogs. She's also a great help at dogwalker with her knowledge and advice. We're proud to have her by our side. Learn all about her and her amazing work at dogtalk.lu



Filippe, previously military man, has been trained at the canine devision. His experience comes from years of passion for dogs. His concentration, punctuality and sens of detail makes his military honor. Today we're happy to count him as one of us, Filippe and Dogwalker exchange great experiences for a healthy mix of leadership and enjoyment.

CAROLINE Office Assistant

CAROLINE office assistant

Caroline is your first contact with Dogwalker, she manages all our incoming and outgoing communication as well as all necessary needs at the office. Being herself a client at Dogwalker she knows how important it is to be reliable and responsive.



We're glad to have Nicolas among our Team. Nicolas has himself many dogs that he trains at home. Clearly as a dog-trainer, he brings the best of his knowledge and applies it to his walks to redirect his dogs into a healthy dog-walk experience. With Nicolas on your pooch you know he has an experienced eye on him.


Katja has joined us to make the best out of her two passions which are dogs and cars.
Her positive attitude and commitment to the well being of the dogs  have made her become an excellent dogwalker.
She especially has a knack for connecting to small dogs being herself the proud mom of Chihuahuas.
Katja is also in charge here of our fleet of Dogwalker cars, her sense of detail and experience are the most valuable asset to make sure our cars are well taken care of and always secure for our dogs to travel in.


Émilie our youngest team member has joined us after obtaining a psychology degree and working with children, she decided to dedicate her time to her passion for dogs.
Having two dogs herself, and having had to request the services of a dogwalker while she was studying and working, she understands the needs of both dogs and clients as well as what is expected from a dogwalker and she has proven to be excellent at it.
Émilie is also a brilliant photographer who likes to share her pictures of the lucky dogs joining her walks.

Philosophy of Dogwalker.lu

Dogwalker.lu is born from the need to provide professional and safe dog walking for everybody in Luxembourg.

Luciano was searching several years back for such a service without any luck.
Nobody could guaranty safety or knowledge during his or her walks.

In 2011 Dogwalker.lu came to life.

Providing transportation in air-conditioned vans, dogwalker.lu invested over 5000€ of equipment in each of his vehicle to make sure that your dogs are always on the safe side. Not only does your dog travel in individual boxes, but these are tailor-made by the number one travel boxes constructing company in Germany, Kleinmetall www.kleinmetall.de.

Kleinmetall is not only iso certified but their work goes through real crash tests and is Tüv approved.

If this isn’t enough, Dogwalker.lu is associated with Lalux who provided them with the first animal insurance in Luxembourg. This insurance got created for the need to provide better safety conditions for your dog.

At last let’s not forget Josy Welter. One of the most well known Luxemburgish pet-store of Luxembourg. As official pet-store fournisseur de la cour, Dogwalker.lu is proud to be working hand in hand since the beginning of its creation.