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Dog Grooming

Grooming is …

the art of shaping a coat to it’s glorious and healthy self.

When it comes to grooming, the well-being of your dog is our top priority. Our responsibility isn’t just about enhancing their appearance; it’s about providing them with the outmost care.

This starts all the way with the training, the experience and the tools we use. At DOGWALKER we make sure that the products we work with are free from animal testing and of course don’t contain dangerous additives for your pet. We will always discus with you what is to be expected and will guide you to work in line with your dogs coat and the techniques that are necessary for a healthy grow.

Grooming is not only aesthetics, it’s part of your dogs hygiene and health. DOGWALKER specializes in grooming Pomeranians and Labradoodles, but of course every breed is welcome.

Our Rates

66,26 € / hour

Cutting, washing

77,13 € / hour

If only one hour

77,13 € / hour

Trimming, washing

19,55 €

Nail trimming

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